Published On: Sat, Sep 25th, 2021

Arizona Senate President Releases Audit Results, Says Maricopa County Wouldn’t Comply

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A report from auditors who reviewed Arizona’s most populous county’s 2020 election results confirmed the vote count in favor of President Joe Biden but said there were numerous errors, adding that local election officials refused to comply with their investigation. Cyber Ninjas, a Florida-based company, carried out the review of Maricopa County, Arizona, at the behest of the Republican-led Senate. The company revealed the audit’s findings during an Arizona state Senate hearing on Friday afternoon. Senate President Karen Fann, a Republican, acknowledged the validity of the Cyber Ninja draft audit report and said the results of the hand count audit were similar to the original election results. But she stressed that statutes were broken and the chain of command wasn’t followed. “The first thing that was out there, oh look the ballot counts were close to what Maricopa county reported and that is a true statement, that is a true statement, they … Save 10% on Citrus trees with code CITRUS

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