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Bill Gates Thinks Covid Could Be The Last Pandemic—And He’s Written A Book On How To Make That Happen

Bill Gates Thinks Covid Could Be The Last Pandemic—And He’s Written A Book On How To Make That Happen

Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates has written a book about how to prevent the next pandemic, the billionaire philanthropist announced in a blog post Tuesday, writing that he believes that coronavirus can be the last pandemic.

Bill Gates, cofounder of Microsoft and cofounder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, makes a … [+] statement after his meeting with French President François Hollande at the Élysée Presidential Palace on June 27, 2016, in Paris.

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Key Facts

How to Prevent the Next Pandemic will be released May 3 by publishing houses Knopf in the U.S. and Penguin Random House internationally, Gates wrote.

In the book, Gates—whose foundation has helped fund coronavirus vaccine research, along with work on a host of health issues—said he outlines steps to prevent future pandemics and provide better healthcare to people around the world using lessons learned from the coronavirus pandemic.

The book also shares stories from his conversations with top health leaders, like Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease official in the U.S., and World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Crucial Quote
“The goal of no more pandemics ever is ambitious, but the progress we’ve made over the last two years . . . has already set us on a path to success.” Gates wrote in the blog post. “The world now understands how seriously we should take pandemics, and momentum is on our side.”

Big Number
$132.6 billion. That’s how much Gates was worth at the time of publication of this article, according to Forbes’ real-time wealth tracker, making him the fourth-richest person in the world.

Key Background
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation—which Gates founded with his ex-wife—has been a major force in the development of coronavirus vaccines, helping fund Moderna and AstraZeneca research efforts. Gates has advocated for improved pandemic response preparation and vaccine research for years.

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