Published On: Sun, Jun 20th, 2021
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Brothers Set Record Crossing Large Gap in Park on a Highline

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SAN FRANCISCO—Two brothers from San Francisco say they have set a record for the longest highline ever walked in both Yosemite National Park and California, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. Earlier this month, they and a group of friends spent nearly a week stringing a single, 2,800-foot-long line from Taft Point west across a series of gullies that plunge 1,600 feet. Moises and Daniel Monterrubio, brothers who are training to be rope-access technicians, had been thinking about crossing that void for a year. “Every time we’d go out there, we’d think about that line,” Moises Monterrubio, 26, told the Chronicle. Highlining is high-altitude slacklining, in which a narrow strip of strong, nylon webbing — usually an inch wide and a few millimeters thick — is strung between two anchor points and serves as a kind of balance beam. Completing a line means carefully heel-toeing from one end to the other … Save 10% on Citrus trees with code CITRUS

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