Winds of Winter: ‘George RR Martin likely facing decision to SPLIT his huge ASOIAF book’ | Books | Entertainment

Unpacking the new blog post, ASOIAF expert BryndenBFish wrote of a possible Winds of Winter split. He penned on an extremely popular Reddit post: “Since 2011, George has talked about how he plans for TWOW and ADOS to be ‘big books’ but now it’s less a ‘it will be this way’ and more of a ‘it IS this way.’ “Given the word similarities, More...

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By admin On Wednesday, November 11th, 2020

Winds of Winter release date: ‘George RR Martin looking close to FINALLY finishing book’ | Books | Entertainment

A Song of Ice and Fire’s penultimate book The Winds of Winter has been in the works for the best part of a decade. Game of Thrones came and went and George RR Martin is still writing the novel. However, it More...

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Game of Thrones author George RR Martin on ‘Development HELL and changing Book 6 chapters’ | Books | Entertainment

Martin has also revealed there is light on the horizon, though: “I slogged on, and of late I am picking up steam again… “Of late I have been spending a lot of time with the Lannisters. Cersei More...

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Lord of the Rings theory: The One Ring is Sauron’s KEY to the timeless void | Books | Entertainment

The theorist argued: “Over time [Sauron] developed his crafting, such that he was able to create a key (The One Ring) which would allow him to travel into the void, in order to free Morgoth from his imprisonment, More...

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One By One by Ruth Ware: An easy read with a suspenseful atmosphere | Books | Entertainment

Instead of a skull-shaped island, our protagonists are trapped in a ski chalet in a remote part of the Alps. Erin, 22, and Danny, 25, are the maid and cook at the exclusive Saint Antoine resort. The new guests More...

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The untold story of Audrey Hepburn: Hollywood acrtress whose parents flirted with Hitler | Books | Entertainment

Ella and Audrey take a stroll in London (Image: Dotti Collection) Audrey Kathleen van Heemstra Ruston, future shining Hollywood star, entered the world under a different kind of star, a dark one, on May 4, More...

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Beat the lockdown blues with two of the latest page-turning blockbusters

Choose your next read from the following page-turners… Source link  More...

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Game of Thrones Winds of Winter: Furious backlash after George RR Martin’s NEW post | Books | Entertainment

One comment in particular started it all off: “You’re a great writer but a very small Man. No respect for your Readers. I deeply regret Buying your books. You’ve responsabilities related to your success.” Replies More...

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Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? No, but you can learn from them: The Wisdom of Old Dogs | Books | Entertainment

Elli Radinger and her lovely Shira (Image: Sabrina-Schaefer) But instead of going after the little scamp as usual, barking indignantly and dancing round the tree, she stayed lying down and looked wistfully More...

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Game of Thrones Winds of Winter: Horrifying Daenerys dragon scene | Books | Entertainment

The fundamental genius of Martin’s extraordinary source novels is that everything makes horrible sense. His unsettling grasp of human nature means even the worst behaviour has a chilling truth at its bitter More...