Published On: Sat, Jun 19th, 2021

Charges Dismissed Against Driver Who Drove Towards Crowd of Protesters on Minneapolis Freeway

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A truck driver who was seen last year driving towards a crowd of protesters who were blocking a freeway in Minnesota saw his case resolved this week, pending further action. Bogdan Vechirko, 36, of Otsego was charged last year with making threats of violence with reckless disregard, a felony, and criminal vehicular operation, a misdemeanor. The charges will be dismissed provided Vechirko meets certain conditions, including paying a yet-to-be determined amount of restitution and participate in so-called sentencing circles, according to court documents obtained by The Epoch Times. Sentencing circles, also known as peacemaking circles, are a component of restorative justice that involve getting the accused together with supporters, a judge, defense lawyers, and others to talk about what happened. Vechirko must also remain law abiding, not commit any traffic violations related to reckless or careless driving, and have no contact with victims listed in police reports. Vechirko was captured … Save 10% on Citrus trees with code CITRUS

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