Thursday, October 6, 2022

Climate Smart Food: Innovation for sustainable nutrition and food system resilience

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Food production accounts for around 37% of total greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, food is at the sharp end of climate change. As this year’s devastating weather events have shown, global heating is already hitting food system resilience, pushing up food prices and reducing availability.

Something needs to change. And at this year’s Climate Smart Food​ broadcast event, FoodNavigator will be joined by a line-up of around 50 expert speakers to ask what.

Addressing inefficiencies in the food value chain and reducing the carbon impact of food production and consumption is vital for the delivery of healthy and sustainable diets. Sustainable nutrition sits at the heart of a transition towards a less damaging global economy and a healthier future for people and planet.

  • Day One​ of Climate Smart Food explores how to reduce value chain emissions. We’ll be taking on topics from how cutting-edge crop science can build resilience, to ESG strategies that take a holistic view of deforestation, and R&D that addresses the footprint of meat and dairy. Hear from experts including: Mars, Tony’s Chocolonely, the University of Cambridge, PepsiCo and UC Davis.
  • Day Two​ focuses on food security in an era of climate breakdown. We’ll be asking what policies should – and shouldn’t – be on the political agenda to support a transition towards sustainable food systems. We’ll be learning about how new, inclusive, models need to be developed to bring the entire system – including marginalised communities – on the Climate Smart journey. We’ll hear about the role that tech and innovation can play in delivering food security. And we’ll unpick how rules and regulations are emerging to tackle concerns about greenwashing. Learn more from speakers such as: InFarm, Clim-Eat, Naandi Foundation, IFF, Rabobank and the UK Advertising Standards Authority.
  • Day Three ​looks at sustainable production and consumption. Topics will range from flexitarianism and the plant-based consumer, to regenerative and organic systems, packaging and upcycling. Speakers include: Danone, Unilever, Ecotone, IGD, Consumer Goods Forum, Liverpool University, Carbon Farmers, Refresco and more.

The three-day digital event goes live next week and is free to attend. Join the conversation live between 20-22 September​​, or catch-up on demand, by REGISTERING HERE​​​. 

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Climate Smart Food, 20-22 September

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