Wednesday, November 30, 2022

DA Abroad protest fuel and food crisis in South Africa as Ramaphosa visits London

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Press release:

The DA protested outside the South African High Commission in London during President Ramaphosa’s visit.

The protest is in solidarity with fellow South Africans who oppose the Russia-Ukraine War. This war is making life harder for South Africans and our economy as it impacts inflation, security and our standing in the world.

The President should be focusing on the economy and fix loadshedding, the greylisting threat and the continued corruption and wasteful expenditure that damages the economy.

The DA is raising awareness and concerns around the ANC’s implicit support of the Ukraine war which directly increases fuel and food prices in South Africa, affecting vulnerable, ordinary South Africans the most, and has risked our international relationship with powerful trade partners that could jeopardise trade and tariff agreements in the future due to embarrassing UN votes, referendum election observations and of late military training exercises.

They stand in solidarity with 74% of fellow South Africans who believe that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine should be condemned.

DA Abroad leader, Gordon Mckay said, “as South Africa enters Stage 5 loadshedding yet again, President Ramaphosa is having tea with the King, whilst South Africans can’t even switch on a kettle. President Ramaphosa should instead be in South Africa focusing on addressing these issues affecting vulnerable South Africans, as these issues will not be fixed by President Ramaphosa gallivanting across the world.”

The DA Abroad will continue to mobilise South Africans abroad to advocate for a clean and stable government that can deliver a prosperous future for South Africa.

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