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Dear, Ella, a fantasy adventure about reclaiming what you once lost, is out now on Android and iOS

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Dear, Ella, a fantasy adventure about reclaiming what you once lost, is out now on Android and iOS

Com2uS has just expanded its roster of mobile games with the addition of a new fantasy RPG called Dear, Ella. In this larger-than-life adventure, players embark on a journey in a fictional universe where they must rally powerful heroes and travel through vibrant worlds where numerous quests need to be completed and rewards need to be earned.

In Dear, Ella, players will find themselves in the Esperansa Kingdom, which has been struck by misfortune as the king has died. His daughter, whose name you may have guessed, is Ella. She is now forced to claim the throne. To make her ascension simpler, she must hire powerful heroes.


Of course, the emperor’s death cannot be straightforward. Ella’s uncle is an evil man who wants the throne for himself. He stages a revolt to fulfil his plans and soon enough forgets all boundaries as he brutally murders the king and Ella’s father.

Wait, so how does Ella get a stake on the throne? Ella may have been killed by Zenon, but destiny had other plans. She was reincarnated sometime in the future, and she is given the opportunity to change her fate. Ella must now create an army out of her allies as she storms Zenon’s stronghold, obliterating her henchmen and rebuilding the entire kingdom.

Throughout the journey, players will recruit new heroes and customize and upgrade their gear by emerging victorious from battles. The game features seven distinctive dungeons and players must master all of them if they wish to be formidable warriors and earn all the top rewards.

Can you help Ella reclaim the throne? Then, download Dear, Ella now for free by clicking on one of the links below. Find more information on the official website.

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