Published On: Tue, Sep 14th, 2021

Democrat Strategist Warns: Biden, Pelosi ‘Could Endure a Blowout Defeat’ in 2022 Midterms

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A longtime Democrat strategist warned members of his own party that they could face a blowout loss during the 2020 midterms. “The marked decline in support for President [Joe] Biden and his administration nationally and in key swing states indicates that the Democratic Party could endure a blowout defeat in the 2022 midterm elections,” Douglas Schoen, who had worked for former President Bill Clinton and was an adviser to Michael Bloomberg’s short-lived presidential campaign wrote in an opinion piece in The Hill this week. The Biden administration in recent days has received significant bipartisan pushback for how the U.S. military withdrawal was handled, while Biden’s announcement last week for new COVID-19 mandates for private employers could face stiff opposition from Republican governors and other entities. Rising inflation, gas prices, and grocery prices could also trigger backlash at the polls. “Biden is in a significantly weaker position now than both of … Save 10% on Citrus trees with code CITRUS

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