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‘Destiny 2’ Offers Only Hint About Savathun’s Upcoming Light Theft

‘Destiny 2’ Offers Only Hint About Savathun’s Upcoming Light Theft

Destiny 2


So at this point, Destiny 2 has made one thing clear about its Witch Queen expansion. The process of how Savathun steals the Traveler’s Light is one of the central mysteries of the story, as in, we will not go into the expansion with an answer.

This knocks down theories that we were going to see Savathun siphon the light out of Crow or someone after her exorcism and then distribute it to her minions. We still don’t know exactly what happens during her exorcism, as Bungie is saving that for the last minute, but it isn’t going to be that.

However, in marketing materials for the Witch Queen, which include a new interactive trailer, there is one main theory posited that has something to do with a vaulted strike all the way back in Destiny 2 vanilla, appropriately named Savathun’s Song.

Destiny 2


The text reads:

“It’s unclear how Savathun has stolen the Light, but one theory pervades.

Some years ago, a fireteam led by the Exo Warlock Taeko-3 traveled to the New Pacific Arcology on Titan to stop a Hive summoning ritual. They failed, and the Hive, led by a Shrieker known as Savathun’s Song, killed the fireteam and transformed them into crystals containing Void Light.

Such access to an aspect of the Light may have given Savathun the opportunity to seize newfound power. But like so much with Savathun, this remains merely hearsay.”

Sorry wait, the Shrieker’s name was Savathun’s Song? Anyway, that’s not the important part. The idea is that we may return to the idea of the ability of Savathun to rip the light out of Guardians and transform them into void energy crystals. The main mechanic of that strike was to destroy the crystals to disrupt the Hive’s plans, though the strike was mainly known for its pretty terribly Taeko voice acting.

This caught my eye, however, as more or less nothing else in this interactive trailer is new, and this strike has not been brought up in a very long time. And I’m also paying special attention to it because this is also a season where we are getting void 3.0 abilities.

Savathun’s Song


The implication to me here is that there may be some sort of lore integration of void 3.0 into the story itself, if the idea is that Savathun is using void specifically to gain the light for herself, a process that may have started years ago with this very strike. I also think it’s somewhat significant that Bungie has announced that a number of void 3.0 fragments are not available until after the World’s First completion of Savathun’s Throne World raid, implying again, that may have something to do with Void Light itself.

Is this actually how Savathun gets the light? I would venture that Bungie probably wouldn’t just give up the answer up front, and this could be misleading on purpose. But that doesn’t mean void won’t be woven into the story somehow all the same.

My personal favorite theory is that it’s revealed that Savathun did not steal the light, and it was just given to her by the Traveler to help fight against the Darkness. We have heard a main theme of this expansion is “what does it mean to be a Guardian?” and I would argue that maybe it does not mean being a human, exo or awoken, and other races might be able to get the light as well. In Witch Queen collector’s materials, there’s a section about how Ghosts pity the Hive, who have been victimized by the Darkness, and it’s possible Ghosts may make their own moral judgement calls to help them. Anyway, we’ll see, but I found all this rather fascinating.

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