Published On: Sun, Oct 29th, 2017

Easy Goin’ Jamaica: The Perfect Caribbean Island for Some Good Ol’ R&R

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MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica—The Blue Mountains protect the island, locals told us. The towering peaks block strong winds and turn away hurricanes. I landed in Jamaica as Hurricane Irma was headed toward the Caribbean in early September. News of the impending destruction swirled around me, but here, all was calm. The skies were clear and the air thick with warmth. From the first moment, Jamaica seemed exceptional. Undoubtedly, its physical beauty is as extraordinary as you’d expect: tropical lushness teeming with life by the turquoise sea. Many natural attractions dot the island; geckos scurry about, and goats can be seen casually roaming the streets and highways. But it is the people of Jamaica that make the island stand out. Whether at the tourist spots or the food market where they shop for their groceries, the locals you meet will win you over with their affectionate charm. A greeting of “blessed” or a … Save 10% on Citrus trees with code CITRUS

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