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Ex-Footballer Zack Strength’s Photos of Daily Diet Leave Internet Horrified

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Zack Strength, a former football player, has shared photos of his calorific meals on social media, leaving the internet horrified.

The last photo he posted on Twitter even attracted the attention of the social media site, which added the disclaimer: “High cholesterol can lead to chest pain, heart attack, and stroke. Cholesterol should be moderated to support a healthy diet.”

So, what’s in the photo, you may ask? Well, it has two huge ribeye steaks with a generous helping of butter on each, along with six fried eggs, all sunny side up.

Zack, who says he specializes in helping people to lose fat and gain muscle, captioned the photo with: “Protein. Saturated fat. Cholesterol. Gains. Winning.”

Of course, this prompted quite a reaction, with one person questioning whether his repeated posting of steak and eggs was the same photo used “over and over again.”

Zack, who used to play Division 1 college ball, replied: “No. I eat steak and eggs over and over again.”

Another asked about his daily routine: “How many meals you eat per day? I eat half the amount for one meal, but two meals in a day, do I need to eat this much to gain muscle?”

Not one for shying away from replying to any comments, Zack shared: “Usually 3 on lift days, 2 on others.”

There were some that couldn’t see a positive side to the meal, with one complaining: “That’s a lot of butter.”

Another added: “Got enough butter?”

While a third was concerned, tweeting: “This is really terrible for you. I hope you’re at least eating enough veggies to counter all the plaque buildup in your arteries.”

After Twitter added the disclaimer, Zack hit back with one of his own as he looked to tell people about the benefits of the diet that he follows.

He tweeted: “You don’t have to be obsessed with fitness to be in good shape.

“*Disclaimer: Once you do prioritize fitness, you may start feeling so good that it becomes hard NOT to be obsessed.”

The fitness coach said that he eats so much steak and eggs due to the lifting program that he follows and that he needs them.

One person who replied, summarized the health content of the meal, tweeting that it contained: “2,730 calories – 202 g fat – 224 g protein – 0 carbs.”

Zack, who is an advocate for the diet he undertakes, explains on his website how he has developed a routine for anyone to follow, even if they don’t have much time, which would help them gain muscle and lose fat.

He writes: “Priorities and responsibilities can make it difficult to find the time in one’s schedule to train for a desired physique.

“After transitioning from an athlete to the corporate world, I faced the aforementioned dilemma. To solve this problem, I developed a simple, time-efficient, and effective routine, consisting of only three sessions per week.

“Paired with a simple and easy to follow way of eating, anyone can get in the best shape of their life, just like myself and several others have done.”

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