Published On: Mon, Jun 28th, 2021

Fact Checkers: Biden Claim That Second Amendment Bans Cannon Ownership Is False

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Fact-checking websites ranked a claim made by President Joe Biden that the Second Amendment had banned citizens from owning cannons as false. During remarks made last week about new gun-control measures, Biden said: “And I might add: The Second Amendment, from the day it was passed, limited the type of people who could own a gun and what type of weapon you could own. You couldn’t buy a cannon.” However, some experts said that the president’s assertion is categorically false. “Everything in that statement is wrong,” David Kopel, research director and Second Amendment project director at the Independence Institute, told The Washington Post. Kopel noted that when the Second Amendment was ratified, there were no gun control laws in place. “There were no federal laws about the type of gun you could own, and no states limited the kind of gun you could own,” he said. In the 2020 presidential … Save 10% on Citrus trees with code CITRUS

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