Published On: Wed, Jul 21st, 2021

Former Football Coach Appeals 9th Circuit Prayer Decision to Supreme Court Save 10% on Citrus trees with code CITRUS
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A Seattle-area high school football coach who was banned from praying on the football field after games is taking his case to the U.S. Supreme Court after losing in a federal appeals court. The Supreme Court previously refused to take the case, but four of the five conservative justices on the nine-member court expressed discomfort at that time with lower court decisions in the case. Since then, another conservative, Amy Coney Barrett, has joined the high court, giving conservatives a 6–3 advantage over liberals. Moreover, the Supreme Court issued rulings this past term bolstering protection for religious freedoms. Coach Joseph A. “Joe” Kennedy, who no longer works for the taxpayer-funded Bremerton School District in Washington state, asserts that his rights were violated when the school district forbade him from praying in view of the public after football games. While Kennedy said he was fired by the school district for praying …

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