Published On: Tue, Sep 14th, 2021

Illegal Immigrant Children Enjoy Different Standard in Proof of Immunization, Florida Educator Says

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In the United States, schools must accept the children of illegal immigrants as students. But one mother and educator says the children of illegal immigrants enjoy a different standard in proof of immunization than those of American citizens. “Public schools must accept illegal students and not require the same registration paperwork for admission as we would a U.S. citizen,” the Florida educator explained, speaking to The Epoch Times under the condition of anonymity for fear she would lose her job. “Most troubling,” she added, “is many districts allow illegal students admission and services for up to 90 days before they are required to present records like proof of residency or immunization.” “The teacher’s concerns about illegal migration and unaccompanied minors in Florida are valid,” Christina Pushaw, Press Secretary for the Executive Office of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis told The Epoch Times. “The Biden administration has been an abject failure on … Save 10% on Citrus trees with code CITRUS

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