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Joe Kent: What will happen to our economy if we keep pushing Russia into China’s arms?

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Washington state congressional candidate and veteran Joe Kent joined ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to postulate the ramifications of the continued pushback against Russia and the media’s seeming hunger for war with the country.

JOE KENT: Yeah, absolutely, Tucker, I mean, the rhetoric coming from the media, coming from the national security state and many of our elected officials is just completely irresponsible for all the reasons that you outline. What I call people’s attention to is that, ‘Hey, we are the Iraq War generation. We’ve seen this movie before.’ Recently, many of us like myself, we went, we fought, I lost my, my late wife fighting in these conflicts. We know exactly how we were lied to. We could lay it out. Chapter and verse the lies that the media told. The lies that the administration told everyone can regurgitate those right now, and we’re seeing it all being paired right now in this Ukraine war in this effort to get us into a conflict with Russia. 

So I think we need our lawmakers to actually respect the American people enough to come back to their districts. Congress, like the Constitution, says, and to tell everyone what’s going to happen if we’re going to continue to sanction Putin, if we’re going to continue to call him a war criminal like we did with Gadhafi and with Saddam, if we’re going to continue to send $14 billion of our own money over to Ukraine so that they can fight Russia, what’s going to happen? What are the possible scenarios if we continue to push the Russian economy into the arms of the Chinese Communist Party? What’s going to happen to our economy? None of these discussions are being had. Instead, we’re watching the road to the Iraq War Part Two. Except for this time, it might be World War Three as opposed to a prolonged insurgency. 


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