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Jony Ive doesn’t think your car should rely on multitouch

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/ As for Apple’s car? No comment

Sep 8, 2022, 3:22 AM UTC|

Ive spoke at Vox Media’s Code conference alongside Tim Cook and Laurene Powell Jobs. Image: Alex Health / The Verge

Jony Ive isn’t a fan of cars using too many touchscreen controls, and says they’re an example of an interface “being driven inappropriately by something like multitouch.”

During a panel with the former Apple design lead, Tim Cook, and Laurene Powell Jobs at Vox Media’s Code conference tonight, journalist Kara Swisher asked Ive what he thought of current design trends. Ive said that there were “fabulous affordances with interfaces like multitouch,” but said that they may have gone too far in places — and it might be time for a shift back toward more physical controls.

“Potentially the pendulum may swing a little to have interfaces and products that are more tactile and more engaging physically,” Ive said. Swisher suggested that cars were an example of where multitouch has been overused, and Ive responded “for example.”

As more and more cars use touchscreens for things like climate or even drive controls, there’s been debate over whether ditching physical buttons and knobs decreases driver safety. Recently, Swedish publication Vi Bilagare fueled the debate with a test that measured how long it took people to do certain tasks such as adjusting the radio or temperature. The publication declared that physical buttons outperformed touchscreens.

Swisher followed up her question by asking Ive how he would design a car. Laughing, he told her “you know I can’t talk to you about that.”

Your vomit may be valuable a few million years from now.

According to an article in the journal Palaios, paleontologists are enthusiastically examining a bunch of bones apparently regurgitated from a predator in Utah 150 million years ago. The fossil they found contains the remains of an unlucky frog or tadpole that was some predator’s lunch back in prehistoric times.

I’d have a lockscreen full of widgets if I could.

Lockscreen widgets in iOS 16 are great and super useful, but Apple limits how many you can have to just one row below the clock. I’ve got a big screen on my phone that I’d put so many more widgets on if I could. Widgets are great. Widget it up.

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Nilay PatelSep 13

James VincentTwo hours ago

Neither snow nor rain nor active crime scene will stay these robot couriers…

Last-mile delivery robots are still trying to prove their worth, but here’s one apparent advantage: they can enter crime scenes. It’s a bit odd that the police didn’t stop the bot, especially as we don’t know whether a computer or human was driving.

What would you name a probe sent to Uranus?

Probey McProbeface is always a fave, but what about Planetary Orbital Observation Probe (aka, P.O.O.P.)? Just a few of the names suggested in response to an unofficial poll for a proposed mission that isn’t even funded — but it’s ok to have fun.

The next iPhone and Mac M3 chip rumors begin.

Nikkei Asia is reporting that Apple is preparing to use TSMC’s second-generation 3nm process for its M3 and A17 chips next year. The upgraded 3nm tech will include performance and power efficiency improvements, and is rumored to appear in premium 2023 iPhones and M3 Mac computers. That could mean the next base iPhone model won’t have Apple’s latest chips again.

A PlayStation exclusive is heading to Xbox.

Deathloop on Xbox ads have started appearing on consoles today. The timed PS5 console exclusive from Microsoft-owned Bethesda looks like it will be available on Xbox soon, a year after it launched on PS5. Microsoft’s store says you can “pre-order now” but the link isn’t working yet. We described Deathloop as “an intricate mystery that also happens to be an amazing action game.”

A Deathloop ad on Xbox. Screenshot by Tom Warren / The Verge

Aqara has a new smart thermostat for radiators in Europe.

The Radiator Thermostat E1 arrives in Europe (€56.99 / £54.99) with lots of valve adapters to automate wall-mounted radiators, towel warmers, and heated floors. It’ll support Matter via a future update to Aqara’s hubs.

Showtime streaming might disappear into Paramount Plus.

Next year HBO Max will do the fusion dance with Discovery Plus, and Disney’s CEO is talking about a “hard bundle” for Hulu and Disney Plus, so this rumor about Paramount discontinuing Showtime streaming is no surprise.

Showtime’s content is already in the Paramount app, and Paramount’s pushing a discounted $8 (ads) or $13 (fewer ads) combo subscription until October 2nd. The bundle is back.

iOS 16 should let us swipe down for notifications.

Antonio makes an excellent point here that completely slipped by me in the months I’ve been using the iOS 16 betas. Swiping down on the home screen is part of my muscle memory for Spotlight, but now that there’s an always present button on the home screen to launch Spotlight, the swipe down gesture could easily be repurposed for Notification Center. Or at least give us the option.

With iOS 16 apple now gives you TWO different ways to do a search on your home screen (swipe down from center and tap the pill button at the bottom). This would have been the perfect chance to switch that down swipe to pull down the notification shade, which is all I want in iOS

— Antonio G. Di Benedetto (@SuperAntonio64) September 13, 2022

Google’s first-party Pixel 6 case proves to be junk.

I immediately had the impression that Google’s official cases for the Pixel 6 were awful as soon as I touched them last year, but a long-term review from 9to5Google shows just how bad they can get.

Here’s to hoping Google does better with the Pixel 7 cases this year.

Uber will pay $100 million to New Jersey for misclassifying drivers, gets to continue misclassifying them.

Gizmodo reports that Uber will pay $100 million in back taxes to the state of New Jersey in response to an audit that concluded the company was misclassifying its drivers as independent contractors. But here’s the thing: Uber will pay any amount of money necessary to continue misclassifying drivers, because reclassifying them as employees would cause Uber to cease to exist.

Victoria Song says the new Fitbit Inspire 3 feels like a product from 2015.

Where is the lie?

The Westworld subreddit is anxious the show will be canceled before the final season.

Viewership was way down this season, and the recent changes — including more layoffs at HBO parent company Warner Bros. Discovery today — don’t seem to bode well for what’s been a very expensive show. That said, this season started strong and ended with a whimper, so maybe it’s all for the best.

Nintendo will announce a release date for the delayed Advance Wars reboot “once it has been determined,” the company told Axios.

Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp, a Nintendo Switch remaster of the first two Advance Wars titles, was delayed from an April launch due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It was absent from Nintendo’s big Direct showcase today.

I asked Nintendo if Advance Wars 1 + 2 has been cancelled, given the lack of news about it since it was delayed due to the invasion of Ukraine.

Nintendo rep’s reply: “The release has been delayed. We will announce the new date once it has been determined.”

— Stephen Totilo (@stephentotilo) September 13, 2022

The retail revolution comes for Congress: Rep. Angie Craig found out her son was trading behind her back.

“As a mom, I would be grateful if my college student son was not allowed to own or trade stocks. And as a member of Congress, I’m working to pass a law to force him to listen to his mother,” she told The New York Times.

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