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Live: French legislative elections: Voter turnout at 18.99% at midday, slightly up from first round

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Issued on: 19/06/2022 – 06:36Modified: 19/06/2022 – 08:29

A man leaves a booth after voting in the second stage of French parliamentary elections at a polling station in Le Touquet, northern France on June 19, 2022. © Ludovic Marin, AFP

Voter turnout in the second round of France’s parliamentary elections stood at 38.11% at 5pm, slightly down from voting at the same time in the first round. French President Emmanuel Macron is in danger of falling short of a parliamentary majority after the first round of voting saw his centrist camp tied with a left-wing coalition led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Revisit our live blog of the day’s events below. This evening’s developments can be followed on our new live blog linked below. 

Voter turnout stood at 38.11 percent in the second round at 5pm – slightly down from the same point in the first round, which saw a record low participation rate overall, ending at 52.49 percent. Macron’s Minister for Oceans Justine Bénin lost her seat in the French overseas territory Guadaloupe in the Caribbean as the candidate for the left-wing alliance NUPES, Christian Baptiste, triumphed with 58.65 percent of the vote. Surprising many observers, Marine Le Pen, leader of nationalist-populist National Rally got her best score in Guadaloupe’s third constituency in the presidential election second round (at nearly 70 percent). But the incumbent Socialist MP won with more than 52 percent of the vote despite coming second in the first round. This evening’s developments can be followed here.

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