Published On: Sat, Jun 26th, 2021

Mission Offers Help for the Suffering on Skid Row

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LOS ANGELES, Calif.—Rev. Troy Vaughn knows firsthand the plight of the homeless on Skid Row. Once homeless himself in the early 1990s, he now gazes out the window of his executive office from the top floor of the Los Angeles Mission. The mentally ill, drug addicted, economically disadvantaged, and victims of trauma wander outside the mission. One middle-aged man sits in a wheelchair, crack pipe in hand. Another woman sits atop her blankets and belongings on the sidewalk, a grocery cart parked beside her. “People are suffering. They’re suffering from a mental illness, from loss of wages, economic insecurity, food insecurities … so all of that is systemic to the issue of homelessness now,” Vaughn told The Epoch Times. Encampments line the sidewalks. Needles and trash are seen in plain view. In a previous interview with The Epoch Times, Los Angeles Police Department officer Deon Joseph said gangs control much of the area, charging transients for “rent.” And the lack of enforcement due to city … Save 10% on Citrus trees with code CITRUS

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