Published On: Sun, Aug 15th, 2021

Mom-and-Pop Landlords Want an End to Eviction Moratorium

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Illinois’ mom-and-pop landlords say the end of the eviction moratorium that was put in place to protect people who lost their jobs or got sick during the COVID-19 pandemic can’t come soon enough. Too many property owners are struggling with tenants who have racked up thousands of dollars in back rent balances, said Paul Arena, director of legislative affairs for the Illinois Rental Property Owners Association (IPOA). “Everyone is extremely upset by the moratorium and the philosophy that housing providers should bear the burden of this,” Arena told Illinois Radio Network. Many landlords are owed thousands of dollars in back rent and they have little hope of ever getting their money, he said. “There seems to be this misconception that it is going to be OK because all this rent is going to get paid, and that is just not true,” Arena said. Illinois has paid $185 million in emergency … Save 10% on Citrus trees with code CITRUS

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