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Mom Splits Views for Trying To Avoid Toddler Charges At Vacation Rental

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A parent has divided the internet after admitting they are “tempted” to hide their toddler from their Airbnb booking, as they’re required to pay an extra fee to bring the child along.

In a post shared on Mumsnet last Monday, the parent, who goes by the username Butteryflakycrust83, explained that they’re planning a trip to York, a city in England, over Christmas, and while looking at deals they noticed they all charge an extra £75 ($90) if their 2-year-old daughter is included in the booking, raising the price of the room from £100 to £175 ($120-210).

They wrote: “The size of the room doesn’t change. What is with the additional cost? It’s not cheaper whether it’s 1 or 2 adults, but only if you add a child onto the booking.

“I am half tempted to just book for two adults for the airbnb property I am looking at – it’s self-service collection for the keys so they wouldn’t know anyway?”

In their post, they clarified they’re aware that for insurance purposes and in case of fire, hosts need to know the exact number of occupants per room, but they’re wondering: “Theoretically what happens if you book a room and then have a baby – do you call and get charged more?”

According to iProperty Management, there are 4 million Airbnb hosts worldwide, and 85 percent of them are located outside the United States. Nationwide, the average host earns $99.00 per night for a private room with up to two (2) guests.

For entire units with up to four guests, hosts earn an average of $242 per night, and the average host earns around $13,800 annually. Over 60 percent of hosts in the U.S. rent out their primary residence while they’re on vacation.

Average annual earnings among hosts have increased 43.8 percent since 2021, and hosts have collectively earned over $150 billion. Airbnb’s 2022 second-quarter revenue totaled $2,104,100,000.

Among the 154 users who left comments on the thread, opinions were divided, and while some thought they could easily hide the child, others thought they should pay the right price.

One user said: ” Well an extra person uses more water, possibly more electricity. You should declare. What if you turn up and they don’t allow you to stay?”

A second wrote: “I booked an Airbnb and they wanted an extortionate amount of money just to add my mum. So I didn’t tell them. Worked out fine.”

Another user commented: “I just book for how is going. Same as when the DC turned 5, I just paid for them on the bus. I don’t really know why people think it’s reasonable to lie and miss a child off a booking. The child is going. Pay accordingly.”

A fourth said: “Of course, you should pay extra for your child. If you don’t like it book somewhere else.”

Newsweek was not able to verify the details of the case.

We have contacted Airbnb for comment regarding their child fees policies.

Do you have a similar dilemma? Let us know via We can ask experts for advice, and your story could be featured on Newsweek.

toddler hotel room
A stock image shows a mom and her toddler at a hotel. The internet is divided after a parent said they were temped to hide their toddler form their Airbnb booking.
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