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New ‘Halo Infinite’ Battle Royale Details Are Starting To Leak

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Halo Infinite


Halo Infinite does in fact appear to be getting some form of battle royale in the mid-term future after all. Yesterday, it was Jez Corden speaking about what he’s heard from inside sources, namely that the big mode Certain Affinity is working on is a variant of a battle royale. Today, we’re getting a more detailed look at what exactly that may look like.

The Infinite Leaks Discord has unearthed a whole bunch of “Tatanka” game mode settings, the codename for the new mode named after a wrestler who famously won a big battle royale during his WWF career.

Here are the kind of things listed in the settings that indicate what kind of mode this is, and how it’s at least somewhat similar to Fortnite, Apex or Warzone:

There’s a “respawn in a drop pod” setting and “respawn tokens,” likely similar to how teams can call players back in Apex Legends (a system Fortnite later stole).
There are sudden death settings, indicating that at a certain point, there are probably no more respawns regardless of your tokens.
The “shrinking circle” mechanic appears to be called the Containment Zone. I’m wondering if it’s a literal circle, or more like Battle Royale (the movie) where quadrants get hot and you must move out of them (the word “quadrant” is indeed seen here).
There are bleed out and execution mechanics, similar to Apex or Warzone or most BRs.
Finally, there’s a whole section that corresponds with a number of callouts that were datamined previously, different kinds of “operations” on the map that seem be Warzone-like “contracts” to go somewhere and do a thing. There are Capture, Supply Run, Destroy and Hoard operations, where most of those are probably somewhat self-explanatory, and they’re likely to reward loot and XP.

The general consensus seems to be that this is a “Halo take” on a battle royale, although a lot of this does seem quite similar to existing BRs, namely Apex and Warzone. I’m still wondering if we will see AI Covenant enemies on the map for this, but I don’t think anything listed here really indicates that will be the case. I’m already wondering how many players Halo Infinite can manage to jam on a map in the first place, given the size limits of the current form of Big Team Battle. Adding 50-100 players plus AI may be too much, but I guess we’ll see.

Again, none of this is official yet, and 343 and Certain Affinity are not ready to talk about it. But a pretty clear picture is starting to form in any case, and as ever, I remain intrigued with how this is going to take shape.

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