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New Trailer Unveils Ogata’s Fate in Season 4 of ‘Golden Kamuy’

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Golden Kamuy, the dark knight amongst shonen anime, will be back this fall with its fourth season. The series knows how to keep fans on the edge of their seats with every episode, and the finale of season 3 sent many fans into overdrive.

Asirpa is still traveling with Kiroranke’s group, and her life is still in danger. It is of utmost importance that Sugimoto finds her fast. When he does find her, there is bound to be a showdown with Ogata.

Season 4 of Golden Kamuy will be released in October 3, 2022. Amazon Prime will stream the anime in Japan and Crunchyroll might stream it overseas.

A new trailer shows everyone’s favorite emo villain, Ogata, and a glimpse into his future:


TV anime “Golden Kamuy” 4th season PV 2nd

In season 4, Ogata will face the inevitable, a battle against the crazy ‘immortal,’ Sugimoto. The video shows him confessing that he killed Wilk, and immediately afterwards he gets shot right in his face.

After Asirpa is rescued, the gang will face many more adventures while eating Asirpa’s special (horrid) dishes. Their actual mission is still incomplete and a lot of skins are yet to be collected.

The opening and ending theme songs have also been previewed in the teaser. “NEVER SAY GOODBYE feat. Mummy-D” is the opening theme song by Ali, and THE SPELLBOUND will perform the ending theme song, “I Pray That Everything Will be There.”

Sugimoto and Asirpa’s reunion is the most awaited scene right now, and Ogata will face some grave consequences when it happens. This emo villain might be the best shooter, but we are yet to see if that will be of any use in front of Sugimoto’s uncontrolled rage.

About Golden Kamuy

Golden Kamuy is based on a manga series written by Satoru Noda, and 22 volumes have been released. The manga has been adapted into two anime seasons with a third on the way.

The plot revolves around Saichi Sugimoto, who is a battle veteran from the Russo-Japanese war.

He is in desperate need of money, he decides to go on a quest, when he hears a story about hidden Ainu gold. A young Ainu girl, Asirpa, joins him.

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