Wednesday, October 5, 2022

PREMIERING 7:30PM ET: The Fight Against Government-Induced Censorship and Vaccine Mandates: Civil Liberties Attorney Jenin Younes

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“The CDC does not have rulemaking authority delegated by Congress, yet the CDC did the eviction moratorium, the federal mask mandate … It was complete abuse. And unless there’s a real change, I’m afraid this is going to happen again,” says Jenin Younes, litigation counsel for the New Civil Liberties Alliance.

Younes has been leading a number of major cases against vaccine mandates and government-induced censorship on social media platforms.

How much of Big Tech censorship is compelled or coerced by government actors behind the scenes—from the FBI to figures like Dr. Anthony Fauci? With the CDC making major changes to their COVID recommendations, will we see companies and universities relax their mandate and booster policies?

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