Sunday, May 26, 2024

Putin feeds his people a ‘steady diet of lies and disinformation’: State Department spokesman

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State Department spokesman Ned Price joined “Special Report” Friday to discuss how the United States is working to spread the truth about the war to Russian civilians to combat their president’s propaganda.

NED PRICE: Public opinion within Russia is notoriously difficult to measure. Russia is essentially a closed society. Vladimir Putin has near-total control over the organs of information, which may explain why it is that his popularity by some ratings and by some metrics is fairly high. And that is precisely because Vladimir Putin has fed his people a steady diet of lies and disinformation and propaganda. So it’s no wonder that this war effort that he has launched against Ukraine does have some support among the Russian people. Our goal is to get the truth, to get accurate information into Russia, and we’ve done that in a couple of different ways. Just a couple of days ago, Secretary Blinken spoke to the Russian people over Telegram, a social media platform that is popular within Russia. We’ve appeared on Russian TV. We have used every lever at our disposal to try to get accurate information in to counteract this propaganda. 


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