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Retired Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis warns of ‘general uprising’ against Putin

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Retired Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis predicted a “general uprising” against Russian President Vladimir Putin Wednesday on “Your World with Neil Cavuto.”

LT. COL. MAGINNIS: He’s been obsessing, Neil, for the last six years about doing precisely what he’s doing now. … He said, “Look, I want” – and he’s made this very public – “I want to reconfigure, to bring back into the fold” what he called “New Russia.” Now that dates back to Catherine II in the 18th century, which included all that land from Moldova all the way to Russia … all belonged to the Russian Empire. And so he has been saying this for years. And he also has been saying anybody [who] disagrees with him is a fascist and a Nazi. And so … this is not something new for him. He’s very unpredictable. He’s going to press his generals. He’s going to arrest people in his own household [who] don’t collaborate and cooperate with him. And he’s really focused on redoing the things that he’s been announcing for years and years. 

I do believe that there is a growing instability within the Russian Federation itself because of the Ukrainian information operations, which are being very effective. And I will assure you when the mothers [who] have all those young conscript soldiers [who] have been killed or taken captive by the Ukrainians begin to find out the reality of what this man has done to their sons and in a few cases, their daughters – there will be a general uprising against Mr. Putin, but he’ll push back. 


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