Published On: Tue, Jul 13th, 2021

Rural Sheriff Quits Following Illinois Criminal Justice Overhaul Save 10% on Citrus trees with code CITRUS
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CHICAGO—A recently enacted criminal justice overhaul in Illinois has led to an exodus of sheriffs, and among them is Scott Harvel, the Union County sheriff in the southern tip of the state. Harvel leads a typical small, rural sheriff’s office with about 10 sworn deputies, each stretched thin to cope with the mounting methamphetamine-related drug offenses and mental health cases that plague rural towns. Resources are far scarcer in rural counties than they are in big urban areas, and everyone wears a dozen hats to get the job done. It’s a difficult job to police rural areas, but instead of offering more support and resources, Illinois lawmakers continue to approve laws that make that job even more difficult, Harvel said. After the most recent criminal justice bill (the SAFE-T Act) was approved by the state Legislature, Harvel believes he can no longer effectively do his job and protect the safety of county …

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