Friday, April 19, 2024

Sen. Kennedy likens Biden’s crises to ‘the Hindenburg crashing into the Titanic’

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The Biden White House continues to oversee multiple intensifying crises including inflation and an influx of migrants at the southern border, Sen. John N. Kennedy, R-La., said Wednesday, telling Fox News that in some cases it seems they have brought the crises on themselves.

Kennedy said it appears President Biden is probably more concerned about “the best cordless 3-in-1 mop” than he is about securing America’s sovereign borders.

Sen. John Neely Kennedy.

“Either the person that President Biden has put in charge of the border has the IQ of a sloth or the Biden administration believes in open borders,” he told “Hannity.”

“I think they believe in open borders.”

Kennedy said Biden’s ardent open borders policies are unfair to the millions of people who have legally immigrated to the U.S:

1937 Hindenburg disaster in NJ (Sam Shere/Getty Images)

“We have Nigerian doctors and German engineers who are following the law. They’re waiting years to be properly vetted. But yet, President Biden will allow any gangbanger who can cross the river and jump the fence; he just says, come on into America.”

“It’s also very dangerous. We don’t have the slightest idea who’s coming into our country. But I don’t think the Biden administration will change because they prefer to bow to the Wokers – and open borders is part of the Woker/Cupcake Bible.”


The Titanic leaves Southampton, England. (AP)

The Judiciary Committee member added that, compounding the open border polices with profligate government spending and continued inflation is creating a situation akin to “the Hindenburg crash[ing] into the Titanic” – referencing the 1937 dirigible disaster in Manchester, N.J. and the 1912 sinking in the North Atlantic.

He also noted some on his own side of the aisle, like Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, have supported some of Democrat’s spending – pointing to Romney’s support for another COVID aid package.

“I hear it every day from average Americans [who say], ‘Kennedy, you know, Republicans aren’t perfect, but the other side’s crazy’,” he added.

“And President Biden is leading them.”

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