Published On: Tue, Jul 13th, 2021

Texas Democrat Responds to Governor’s Threat: ‘I Can’t Get Arrested’ Because No Crime Committed Save 10% on Citrus trees with code CITRUS
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A Texas Democrat lawmaker on Tuesday said she is not worried about Gov. Greg Abbott’s promise to arrest her and other Democrat lawmakers who left Texas to prevent a special legislative session. “I don’t worry—probably because I know the law, and the governor knows the law, as well. I’m a criminal defense attorney, and so I understand that I’ve not committed a crime, so I can’t get arrested,” Rep. Jasmine Crockett, a Democrat, said during an interview on CNN. Crockett further claimed the Texas Speaker of the House can only call to have the lawmakers detained, not arrested. “I’m not worried about the threat of being arrested. The most that can happen is that we can be detained, which is why we got out of the state. The governor of Texas has no jurisdiction outside of the state of Texas, along with [the Texas Department of Public Safety],” Crockett said. …

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