Published On: Tue, Jul 13th, 2021

Texas Governor Orders Probe Into ‘Potentially Illegal Behavior’ at Juvenile Justice Department Save 10% on Citrus trees with code CITRUS
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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on July 12 ordered the Texas Rangers to investigate allegations that certain Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) employees had engaged in illegal conduct. Abbott addressed the request in a July 12 letter (pdf) to Steven McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety. According to the letter, the Office of the Inspector General of TJJD and department ombudsmen have reported for prosecution multiple allegations against “certain TJJD staff members.” “I am directing you to have the Texas Rangers immediately investigate the allegations and provide me with a report so that appropriate remedial action can be taken,” Abbott wrote. “I expect full cooperation by TJJD leadership and staff with any assistance deemed necessary to accomplish a thorough investigation.” In a statement, TJJD executive director Camile Cain thanked Abbott for getting the Texas Rangers involved. She said the agency was already looking into cases dating back to …

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