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The WeWay Project is Betting on Web 3.0. Is It Worth Investing in the Future?

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As crypto projects increased in popularity together with the rise of token sales in the last few years, joining projects on their startup stage has become a common concept.

At the same time due to its popularity and potential to earn big money, many have been swayed to enter the industry without much understanding of the risk that comes along with it. Because not only that there are more opportunities for people to attain benefits, there are also more chances for people getting scammed.

A global market research that was conducted by a new and promising team of developers has shown that big companies, famous influencers and brands have joined crypto projects and have slowly entered the highly-anticipated web 3.0 world.

As we may know today, web 3.0 is the next phase of the evolution of the internet. Due to the fact that the concept is still fairly new and that there are still many aspects that still need to be improved, entering this next stage of evolution is not as simple as it seems. One would not be able to enter without having a team of engineers, designers, marketers, successful NFT collection, presence in the metaverse, and so on and so forth, because there is no a full-cycle web 3.0 ecosystem that exists to help influencers, artists, celebrities and brands to monetize activities, create games, and hold events for their fans. Thus, there is no smooth way yet to enter the world to keep up with the business and trends that transform the industry of influencers today.

Creating an ecosystem that could cover all of those aspects has become the main objective of one particular project called WeWay. They believe that this could be done by collaborating with influencers, to enable them to monetize NFT creation, run concerts in the metaverse, and more, in order to obtain a unique experience, gain knowledge from one another and maximize earnings.

This solution would not only help influencers and brands, but also agencies who are making bridges among artists, NFT, and the metaverse.

They also included in their plan to create a marketplace where everyone can mint, buy/sell NFTs, trade metaverse items, run NFT drops, as well as to provide knowledge for users about professions in the web 3.0.

WeWay is focusing on four main solutions, agency, university, metaverse, and marketplace.

Their first solution, agency, is a team of experts that provides a service to the web 3.0 world such as customization of commercialization and promotion for celebrities. Their job is to find anchor advantages, help integrate into the web 3.0 environment, develop a monetized model, create a project for collaboration, apart from acting as their producers.

The second solution university is focusing on helping ordinary people enter the world of web 3.0 easily via educational collaborations with influencers. This would help those people who are eager to apply for NFT and participate in the WEB 3.0 but do not know how to do it yet. This solution would not only help influencers but also their followers and bring them closer to the world of web 3.0.

The next in line is the Weway Metaverse, or what they also called the Weway City, one of their most ambitious creations. It is a place where all participants can interact with each other in ways that we are already familiar within the real world. This place is represented by AAA graphics, filled with improbable nature and buildings such as concert halls, where people can attend cinemas, universities, banks and real estate that you can purchase and lease, as well as futuristic events, games, and activities from famous brands and celebrities. WeWay estimated that their metaverse creation could attract more than 15 million people.

Last but not least, is the marketplace, where the audience can experience interactions with their influencers like never before through collaborative activities, communicating with influencers using a new communication channel. They can purchase exclusive content or live activities in the “experience” section. The marketplace is also a place where people can trade collectibles and metaverse items such as NFT. Anyone can upload their work and offer to purchase content collaboration.

Investing in media influencers is essential in the sphere due to the fact that tokenomics is supported by the mechanics of virality. As more and more socially significant figures join the project along with their followers, the value of the project and its token increases. Because of its effect on the ecosystem, the token is one of the most important instruments that keeps growing in demand. This makes the project more promising than ever before.

WeWay has issued its own tokens since January 11, 2022. The listed tokens include Coinsbit, PancakeSwap, and Tidex. They have also been listed on 4 crypto exchanges, including MEXC. On top of that, the project has launched token staking with very attractive entry conditions for investors and plans to hold open draws of the coin among its audience.

Today, WeWay already has a fast-growing economy and has established a partnership with big influencer companies such as Yoola, a global multi-channel network that collaborates with creators and brands to develop, distribute, license, promote, and monetize content and products.

Fuad Fatullaev, the founder of WeWay stated that,

This is a high-tech ecosystem operating on a blockchain and NFT basis, allowing content makers and influencers to maximize their creative power.

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