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This video showing Ukrainians kneeling as a convoy passes was filmed before the current war

This video showing Ukrainians kneeling as a convoy passes was filmed before the current war


Issued on: 16/03/2022 – 18:17Modified: 21/03/2022 – 17:05

People on social media have been sharing a video they say shows a convoy transporting religious relics from Kyiv cathedral to a bunker amid heightened Russian military pressure on the Ukrainian capital. But turns out, the video was filmed several years ago. © Observers

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Tens of thousands of people have watched a video posted on Facebook that allegedly shows Ukrainians kneeling as a convoy carries religious relics through the streets of Kyiv to a bunker. However, this video is actually from several years ago and shows a funeral procession for fallen soldiers in another part of Ukraine.  

If you only have a minute A video has been circulating online that people claim shows a convoy carrying religious relics from Kyiv Cathedral to a bunker as fighting between the Russian and Ukrainian armies escalates. 

However, it turns out this video was filmed in 2015.

The video was actually filmed in the Lviv Oblast, or region, more than 500 kilometres from Kyiv, and likely shows a funeral procession for fallen soldiers.

The verification in detail A Facebook post in Portuguese featuring the video has garnered more than 11,000 views. Another post in English with the same video has gotten a further 4,000 views and the video has been shared at least 3,000 times on Twitter. The video shows a procession made up of three vehicles moving slowly. One of the vehicles is draped with a Ukrainian flag. Several hundred people can be seen kneeling as the convoy passes. 

Captions in the video claim that the convoy was transporting religious relics, including a crucifix from Kyiv Cathedral, to a safe bunker as pressure increases on the Ukrainian capital. Currently, deadly fighting between the Russian and Ukrainian armies is taking place in its suburbs. 

This is an example of a post, in Spanish, featuring the video. “The crucifix of Kyiv Cathedral brought to a bunker, this is the first time this has happened since the Second World War,” reads the caption. © Facebook

Why it’s falseWe ran this video through the plugin InVid WeVerify and found that the video was filmed in 2015 or even earlier. We were able to establish that because we found that the same video had been posted on April 20, 2015 on RuTube, the Russian version of YouTube.

You can see the same truck in both videos. At left is the video that people have claimed shows a convoy carrying religious relics. The video at the right, which is longer, shows the same convoy, but in this version, you can see a coffin, too. © RuTube

At the start of the version of the video on RuTube, which is longer, you can see signs written in Ukrainian that say Stryi and Drohobych, which are two towns in the Lviv Oblast in western Ukraine. The FRANCE 24 Observers team wasn’t able to confirm the exact location where the video was filmed. 

The signs at right in this photo feature the names of Stryi and Drohobych, two towns located in the Lviv Oblast in western Ukraine. © RuTube

“How Ukrainians become Cyborg heroes,” reads the caption on the video posted on RuTube in 2015. The term “Cyborg” refers to Ukrainian soldiers who participated in defending the Donetsk International Airport during the war in eastern Ukraine.

“Glory to Ukrainian heroes, death to Russian occupiers,” reads the text at the end of the video. Ukrainian blogs that shared the video, like the one below, feature people who say that they took the knee because they wanted to honour all of the fallen soldiers. 

“Glory to the heroes of Ukraine. Death to the Russian occupiers,” says the message in Russian at the end of the video. © RuTube

At the end of the video you can see a coffin, which makes it likely that the convoy is actually a funeral procession and not transporting relics from the Kyiv Cathedral. 

A screengrab of the full video showing a convoy and people transporting a coffin. © RuTube

Editor’s Note: A Portuguese post was listed as a Spanish post in the original article.

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