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Tomorrow X Together Reflect On Individual Growth, Reuniting With Fans To Celebrate 3rd Anniversary

Tomorrow X Together Reflect On Individual Growth, Reuniting With Fans To Celebrate 3rd Anniversary


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To celebrate Tomorrow X Together’s third anniversary, the K-pop powerhouses made it an international affair. After topping charts across America, Korea, Japan and beyond, the quintet made sure to make their latest fan experience was accessible to as many as possible.

The critically acclaimed boy band’s “2022 TOMORROW X TOGETHER Fanlive MOA X TOGETHER” event took place on March 5 and 6, held in person in Seoul and via a real-time live stream for as many of the group’s global fanbase—known affectionately as MOA—to attend. While showcasing TXT’s range of releases (from K-pop hits to original English and Japanese singles), alongside surprises for viewers (like the live debut of their cover of Marteen’s “Sriracha”), the guys also had the chance to note the growth that they’ve seen from one another as performers, artists, and people.

To celebrate their three-year anniversary together since hitting the music industry in March 2019, read on for personal reflections from SOOBIN, YEONJUN, TAEHYUN, BEOMGYU, and HUENINGKAI on their time together and what’s next.

Jeff Benjamin: Congratulations on your third anniversary! This one was exceptionally special as you reunited with fans in person for your fanlive. How are you feeling now that the festivities are over?

YEONJUN: It was a truly incredible weekend. We can confidently say that all five of us had a blast, and from what we hear, so did our fans. Few things match the atmosphere and pure energy of a live show. It’s an extremely addicting experience and we’re grateful to be part of it.

HUENINGKAI: Our fanlive was very special to us because we could meet and interact with our fans face-to-face. We love our MOA and have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. I can’t express how great it feels to be able to see our fans in person and to connect with them in a shared space. There was so much we wanted to show them and we’re very glad that our MOA had a good time.

Jeff Benjamin: I thought it was also awesome that you had a day for global fans and even performed songs in English and Japanese. How did this idea come together?

BEOMGYU: Our anniversary is a celebration not only for the five of us but for all MOA everywhere in the world. The fanlive was a chance for us, MOA and Tomorrow X Together, to revisit our music and memories from the past three years. We thought it’d be a nice surprise to perform a few songs that we haven’t really showcased before, especially because they’re all brilliant songs that receive a lot of love from our fans. We had a lot of fun.

Jeff Benjamin: What kind of reactions did you feel from performing your new songs as well as your “Sriracha” cover for an audience for the first time?

SOOBIN: Our fans loved it. So did we. We could really feel the excitement from on stage, even from our online audience who continued to send us comments in real-time. “Sriracha” is definitely a stand-out for us because it was one of the songs we rehearsed first as trainees. The performance does hold a special place in our hearts. It’s a fan-favorite as well.

Jeff Benjamin: To mark the occasion, can each member share something noteworthy or different about his fellow members at this anniversary versus your last anniversary?

SOOBIN: YEONJUN is noticeably less nervous. I can tell he’s enjoying every aspect of being on stage. BEOMGYU has become more precise with setting up his in-ear and mic. TAEHYUN has an incredible memory—he knows exactly when to do and say what to keep the show flowing. HUENINGKAI is great at adlibs—he makes clever comments that make the atmosphere more lively.

YEONJUN: SOOBIN has just greatly matured all aspects. He’s a good leader. As a person, BEOMGYU has become stronger and more resilient—I think he’s grown a lot. TAEHYUN is always making efforts to improve himself in any way he can. It’s an admirable quality. HUENINGKAI has a kind heart—he’s always watching out for others and has become even more dependable than he already was.

BEOMGYU: SOOBIN keeps emphasizing how sexy he’s become, but I don’t really see it…jokes aside, he’s a great leader. Our teamwork has improved and he’s definitely a big part of that growth. From rehearsals to the last encore, YEONJUN had so much fun throughout the entire show—I think it was because we were able to meet so many of our MOA in person. I’ve mentioned this before, but I admire TAEHYUN for his passion; it shines. He’s always growing in some way. HUENINGKAI has become more relaxed on stage. He’s laid back and enjoying the show fully. I think he’s also become more assured.

TAEHYUN: SOOBIN’s stage presence has grown significantly and he’s grown as a performer. YEONJUN balances his energy throughout the show with great expertise—it’s a very important skill to have in order to put on a good show. BEOMGYU has definitely become much more witty. HUENINGKAI has become thick-skinned, but every bit in a good way. He’s very confident in his actions and words.

HUENINGKAI: SOOBIN absolutely enjoys performing and engaging in the talk and game sections [of concerts]. YEONJUN has become more confident—he’s quite self-assured while performing every song. BEOMGYU keeps the energy high, he can keep it exciting, but more than anything, I think he understands MOA so well to the point where he can pinpoint exactly what our fans want at any given moment. He made our fanlive more fun. TAEHYUN was already good, but he’s vastly improved as a performer in all aspects. He’s mastered every performance.

Jeff Benjamin: What else can you share that’s coming for Tomorrow X Together this year?

TAEHYUN: Our fans may already know this, but, yes, we are working on new music. We always are. We can’t wait for our MOA to finally listen to and see everything because we have so much to show them. We think, or hope, that our fans will like what we have in store. Specific details on the new music will, unfortunately, have to be a surprise, but we believe our fans will appreciate it.

Jeff Benjamin: Any additional messages for international MOA?

Tomorrow X Together: Thank you for always being with us in our hearts. Your love means everything to us. We can’t wait to return more of this love to you soon.

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