Published On: Fri, Nov 13th, 2020

UK weather forecast weekend latest: Britain braces for heavy rain | Weather | News

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Before that Friday will be a mild day with some early morning rain swiftly clearing away. However, some of this rain could become heavy over southern and central parts of England.

The day will start with a chill for Scotland and Northern Ireland, with temperatures in rural areas falling to single figures.

The rest of the country will remain unseasonal warm for the time of year.

First thing on Friday morning Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin warns to expect “all of a sudden the rain could get very heavy and winds could start to gust up”.

Heading through the morning he adds: “Some quite heavy bursts likely across the midlands, central parts of southern England early on.

“That rain then pushes towards East Anglia and the south-east through the morning rush-hour before slowly ebbing away.

“There will be showers following on, some for north Wales and a few for north-west England, western parts of Northern Ireland and especially western Scotland over the highlands and the Western Isles.

“One or two showers elsewhere but I expect much of eastern Scotland, eastern Northern Ireland and most of England and southern Wales will be dry for the day.”

By early afternoon the rain should clear away for south-east England and East Anglia.

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Temperatures by 15:00 on Friday could reach 13 degrees over London, with 10-12 over the rest of England.

However, Scotland and Northern Ireland will be colder and should expect temperatures of around 9 degrees.

The wet weather will intensify over the weekend though it will remain localised so there will be some large dry patches.

Mr Deakin explained: “This wet weather will become pretty extensive towards Saturday but it looks like Saturday morning could be largely dry across East Anglia and the southeast, we may not see too much rain across northern Scotland.

“There will be drier slots elsewhere but you get the impression Saturday is going to be a cloudy day for most, a windy day as well and at times some quite heavy pulses of rain moving through.

“Winds coming up from the south so it will be pretty mild again, we could get up into the mid-teens in places, but it will feel cooler with the wind and the rain and there’s more to come on Sunday as well.

“This large area of cloud and rain is tied into an area of low pressure that dominates through the weekend and is joined by other areas of low pressure particularly across the south.”

More rain is expected on Sunday as well as some gusty winds.

According to Mr Deakin some of these winds could become “very lively” across southern England.

There are currently no Met Office weather warnings in place across the UK.

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