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Video: ‘Some groups of Russian soldiers are still hidden in the nearby forest’

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Issued on: 13/03/2022 – 16:53


Gwendoline Debono reports from Voznessensk, Ukraine. © France 24

Voznessensk is located 80 kilometres north of Mykolaiv, the main battlefront in the Odesa region, where Russian forces entered on March 1. FRANCE 24’s Gwendoline Debono reports. 

Russian foces entered Voznessensk on March 1 and stayed three days before withdrawing.

Inhabitants there told FRANCE 24 that Russian soldiers settled in their houses and stole food, tools and clothes.

An 80-year-old man said he didn’t want to speak with the Russians. “‘I have nothing to say to the occupier,’ is what he told us,” Debono says.

The inhabitants know there is a chance that Russian soldiers will return because in order to cut off Odesa from the capital Kyiv they will have to cut through Voznessensk. 

“Some groups of Russian soldiers are still hidden in the nearby forest,” Debono says.

Click on the video player above to watch the full report.

© Studio graphique France Médias Monde

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