Published On: Thu, May 20th, 2021

What Is Going On With College Professor Radicalized Hate Speech?

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Something is completely wrong with this photo; College and University Professors across this united states are actively trying to overthrow our duly elected president and inciting protests, riots and violence against anyone and all of us who voted for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Is academia radicalizing lone-wolf university college students to take to the streets in violation? Why? Why are they radicalizing our youngsters, and why on Earth are we paying the high-lessons fees allowing them to have a platform to do this?

There changed into an thrilling article in Reuters on December 27, 2016 titled: "Pennsylvania professor beneath hearth for ‘white genocide’ tweet," through Ian Simpson which said:

"A Drexel University professor, whose tweet that he desired a ‘white genocide’ for Christmas sparked a fire hurricane of complaint from the college and social media customers, said on Monday his comment changed into satirical. The white assistant professor of records and politics posted ‘All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide’ on Twitter on Christmas Eve, and he accompanied it up: ‘while the whites have been massacred throughout the Haitian revolution, that changed into an amazing element indeed’. The University exposure department stated that although it diagnosed the right of college contributors to explicit their views, the comments had been totally reprehensible, deeply worrying, and do now not in any manner reflect the values of the University."

Actually, in many instances, those views do certainly mirror the University’s center group of workers and professors’ non-public values. In fact, in our neighborhood region we too have a well-known college and the political rhetoric coming from our institution here is similar in radical hate-speech rhetoric. Some 158 faculty and personnel individuals here signed an open letter mentioning that Donald Trump is a bigot, racist, misogynist, and that the President is anti-technology, and anti-highbrow and further declaring that the undersigned would "combat" in opposition to the President and his guidelines on behalf in their students.

The identical day as the article above the Washington Post too had a tale; "A professor known as Trump’s election an ‘act of terrorism.’ Then she have become the victim of terror," by means of Peter Holley. That tale originated at The Orange Coast College Republicans in Costa Mesa, California. The professor stated this in a lecture inside the study room, additionally declaring that the Vice President became one in every of most anti-homosexual humans in America. She also said inside the video that what we need now’s a revolution for the reason that Trump failed to win the majority and that ‘we’ outnumber them, them being the citizens who elected Trump.

This is a very horrifying scenario – the angry left in academia declare to be intellectuals – however their actions round our country are more similar to inciting terrorist acts. If anything those authority figures aren’t with us, nor do they care about freedom of speech, freedom of the clicking, the right to very own palms, the proper to free contract, instead they need to rule the world by way of decree inciting violence to serve their political will. Save 10% on Citrus trees with code CITRUS

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