Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Will talk of action at COP27 turn out to be more than just hot air?

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The sheer number of people in attendance at COP27 shows you just how important this climate summit is to the world. This COP has something very specific as it is the implementation COP. We have enough knowledge, we have enough will, we have enough promises and enough speeches. It is time for action.

The implementation COP

Judging by the sheer number of people at this COP – and I’ve been to many – tells you how important it is and how the world has been highly conscious of the incidences of climate hazards, the threats that they pose on our development and our daily lives. Maybe this COP has something that is very specific, which is implementation. So, this is the implementation COP. We have enough knowledge, we have enough will, we have enough promises and speeches. It is time for action.

Africa needs trillions to address climate challenges 

Africa and the whole world realise the challenge is enormous. This is not only within the preview of governments, individuals or even multilateral organisations. IFIS association with the private sector is a must. The numbers that used to be cited are nothing in the face of the challenges we have. We would probably need at least $2.5 trillion every year in order to meaningfully address the impact of climate change. Hence, this initiative gives imminent place to partnerships with governments, leaders, private sector – African and non-African – financial institutions. So, it’s galvanised all those efforts towards a common action.

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