Published On: Mon, Jun 21st, 2021
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Woke Ideology Mimics Precursors to Totalitarian Slaughter, Experts Say

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Some of the core tenets of the “woke” ideology spreading around the country mimic ideas used to justify many of the most horrendous atrocities of the past century, according to several experts as well as a recent documentary exploring the topic. The documentary, called “Better Left Unsaid,” concludes that the self-identified “radical left” endorses “four fundamental truths that they hold to be self-evident” and that these tenets have also been used to justify and incite many of the worst massacres of the 20th century. The first of the four claims is that “the world is best viewed through a group oppression narrative lens.” The “woke” ideology is based on a set of quasi-Marxist theories that divide society into “oppressors” and the “oppressed” based on characteristics such as race, sex, class, or sexual proclivities. “Woke” is sometimes used interchangeably with Critical Race Theory (CRT), which is one of the more prominent … Save 10% on Citrus trees with code CITRUS

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