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Voters reject ANC and EFF: Demand real change, not radical transformation – John Endres

To read this article in isiZulu, click here. In the aftermath of South Africa’s 2024 elections, John Endres argues that the narrative surrounding voter support for ANC-style transformation is fundamentally flawed. With only 16% of eligible voters backing the ANC...

IsiBizNews: Abavoti bayayichitha i-ANC ne-EFF: Funa uguquko lwangempela, hhayi uguquko oluqinile – John Endres

Ngemuva kokhetho lwaseNingizimu Afrika lwango-2024, uJohn Endres uthi ukulandisa okuphathelene nokwesekwa kwabavoti ekuguqulweni kwendlela ye-ANC kunephutha elikhulu. Njengoba u-16% kuphela wabavoti abafanelekile abeseka i-ANC kanye nokwehla okukhulu kokwesekwa kwe-ANC ne-EFF, imiphumela yokhetho ikhombisa isidingo esicacile soshintsho esikhundleni sokuqhubeka. Ukudlondlobala...

Wildfire surge: Legal reforms crucial for South Africa’s climate fight

As climate change escalates, South Africa faces an alarming rise in wildfires, posing severe threats to lives, property, and ecosystems. Research highlights that increasing temperatures and decreasing rainfall are catalysts for more frequent and intense wildfires in already vulnerable...

Joe Biden Tests Positive for COVID

U.S. President Joe Biden, under pressure from fellow Democrats to drop his re-election campaign, evaluated positive for COVID-19 while seeing Las Vegas on Wednesday and is self-isolating after experiencing moderate signs and symptoms, the White House said.White House press...

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Reveal How Playing Deadpool and Wolverine Changed Their Lives

The actors revealed the moments when they realized that their superhero roles had changed, well, everything...Read More

Ultra-processed food makes up almost two-thirds of calorie intake of UK adolescents, finds study

Adolescents consume around two-thirds of their daily calories from ultra-processed foods (UPFs), new research from the Universities of Cambridge and Bristol has found...Read More

Study finds tobacco industry is specifically targeting Arab and Ultra-Orthodox news media in Israel

A recent study has revealed that there are significant disparities in how Philip Morris International's IQOS heated tobacco product is portrayed in newspapers and other media aimed at different demographic groups in Israel...Read More

Multiple concussions in rugby players associated with higher levels of proteins linked to neurodegenerative disease

Retired rugby players who have suffered multiple concussions have higher levels of certain proteins in their blood, which may make them more prone to developing diseases such as motor neuron disease (MND), according to a new study...Read More

Weight gain in young and middle-aged adults is linked to poor heart health in older age

By the time they are in their 60s, fewer people who gain excess weight from their 20s onwards have healthy hearts, according to research published in the European Heart Journal today...Read More

Active commuting linked to lower risks of mental and physical ill health: Strongest benefits seen for cyclists

Commuters who cycle or walk to and from work or study may have lower risks of mental and physical ill health than those who don't rely on these options, finds a large long term study published in the open...

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