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Auslander Raus Controversy: Football Game Cancelled After Fans Sing ‘Foreigners Out’ Song

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Security police are investigating after football fans sang along to an early 2000s eurodance rave classic at a game with new lyrics proclaiming “Germany for Germans, foreigners out”, just the latest instance of the authorities rushing to deal with the song.

A football match being played at the home turf of team ‘TSV Blau-Weiß Eggersdorf’ at Bördeland-Eggersdorf in Saxony-Anhalt against ‘Union 1861 Schönebeck’ was cancelled in the second half after fans started singing a song calling for migrant deportations.

The Salzland District Football Association said they had initiated disciplinary procedures over the fans’ behaviour and notified the state-level sports authority. The police were also called, who identified those involved and began an investigation which has now been taken over by the state security police, who are looking into “incitement” charges.

According to German newspaper Die Welt a group of around ten football fans at the game — which had already reached its 70th minute and was being resoundingly won 7:0 by Eggersdorf — including teens and adolescents were heard singing “Deutschland den Deutschen, Ausländer raus”, or ‘Germany for Germans, foreigners out’. The newfound lyrics set to year 2000 rave eurodance hit “L’amour toujours” by Gigi D’Agostino have been experiencing some virality in Germany among border-control enthusiasts, to the abject horror of the political establishment, which has used the state security apparatus to crack down on the trend.

German Police Investigate as ‘Foreigners Out’ EDM Song Spreads Among Young People

— Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) May 24, 2024

FuPa, a web portal dedicated to regional German football, carries a report on the abandoned Eggersdorf match noting that once the singing began, players of the then-losing ‘Union 1861 Schönebeck’ team walked off the pitch and refused to keep playing. The site relays that “Some players cried in the dressing room after the game.”

The referees declared the game forfeit as without players it could not continue.

A spokesman for the Eggersdorf team told FuPa: “This does not correspond to our ideology in any way, we are politically diverse… Up until then, it had been a great evening of football for us with a lively atmosphere and lots of spectators. Whoever called that did us a disservice as a team and to the club, where we have done such good work for years.”

The football match is just the latest in a steady stream of events where the ‘Auslander raus’ lyrics are recorded to have been transposed onto Italian DJ Gigi D’Agostino’s record. As reported by Breitbart London last month, German security police were investigating after the song was played at a party on a fashionable party island, with several young people present identified from a video recorded at the event and dismissed from their jobs.

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