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Connor Murray on CoinGeek Weekly Livestream: GBC22 proved that Bitcoin SV is getting real-world adoption

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Thi week’s CoinGeek Weekly Livestream featured Connor Murray, the founder of Britevue. Connor talked about the BSV Global Blockchain Convention and what caught his eye in Dubai. According to him, the massive interest in the event was proof that the hard work the BSV community has put in over the years is finally paying dividends.

The convention in Dubai was by far the largest in the CoinGeek Conference series, both by tickets sold and the number of attendees. 

“I was amazed at how big in the region BSV was. It was taken very seriously by a lot of the higher-ups that were in attendance,” Connor told host Kurt Wuckert Jr.

The BSV ecosystem has been growing rapidly over the past couple of years, with several new developers jumping on to build new applications on the massively scaling network. Many of these haven’t had the chance to meet in person due to COVID restrictions, and Dubai provided the first great opportunity for the ecosystem to congregate. 

At the event, it was Latif Ladid’s presentation that stood out for Connor. Ladid, the chair of the 5G World Alliance and the President of the IPv6 Forum, talked about the integration of IoT, blockchain, and IPv6 and how they will shape the future.

Connor drew parallels between what IPv6 is going through today and what BSV has been dealing with for the past couple of years. 

“There’s this really cool tech no one really knows about, but it solves all these really big problems. I think they are going through the same thing we are, which is that people are starting to pay attention to them,” he said.

Responding to an audience question, Connor revealed that the Teranode project is still on track and the team behind it is hard at work.

On the future of data storage on the blockchain, Connor believes the best approach is not to store all data on the blockchain. Instead, it’s to have “distributed systems that live connected to the miners. You can have an Amazon for instance, that’s the second layer node [storing our data].” These nodes would then be anchored to the blockchain for security purposes.

Kurt and Connor also talked about what’s been happening in the BSV ecosystem, including the touchy topic of tense relations between some of the leading developers and startup founders in the space. While Connor believes it’s critical for everyone to air their views and offer their insights and opinions, he believes that bashing a project or developer on Twitter or Twetch is counterproductive. 

Connor, who was a finalist at the BSV Hackathon back in 2019 with Britevue (which back then was known as TrueReviews), is, however, happy to see that the discourse nowadays in the BSV community is about which way is best for the ecosystem. Having been a Bitcoiner for some time, he was around when disagreements meant forks and people defecting to rival projects. But now, everyone recognizes that Bitcoin SV is the only network that can scale to meet enterprise needs despite individual differences.

Kurt also shared his experience running GorillaPool in response to an audience question. The mining pool already holds several world records, including mining the largest Bitcoin transaction in history at 42MB. 

While he already knew a lot about Bitcoin, Kurt admitted that running GorillaPool had given him real application knowledge on Bitcoin, not just in theory. 

“It’s like playing Call of Duty every day for years and then somebody drops you off in a war zone where everything is very real,” Kurt said.

Kurt and Connor will both be in Berlin for the WeAreDevelopers World Congress that takes place on June 14 and 15. The event, which the BSV Blockchain Association will sponsor, will welcome over 5,000 developers and over 200 speakers. 

sCrypt’s Xiaohui Liu and Vaionex CEO Robin Kohze will give a presentation on smart contracts on Bitcoin, with Kurt presenting alongside the Association’s Director of Engineering Jad Wahab on how BSV processes millions of transactions per day.

Watch the BSV Global Blockchain Convention Dubai 2022 Day 1 here:

Watch the BSV Global Blockchain Convention Dubai 2022 Day 2 here:

Watch the BSV Global Blockchain Convention Dubai 2022 Day 3 here:

New to Bitcoin? Check out CoinGeek’s Bitcoin for Beginners section, the ultimate resource guide to learn more about Bitcoin—as originally envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto—and blockchain.

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