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Daily Self Massage: How to Love Yourself After a Day of Work

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We all feel exhausted after a long day of work, so what better way to release all that tension than by giving yourself a massage? All you need are your hands, a tennis ball, and some moisturizer or a massage bar or body oil of your choice.

Slip into some comfortable shorts and find a quiet place where you can get to work on your sore muscles without being disturbed. Massaging is an important way to show your love and appreciation toward your body. After all, our bodies are in a near constant state of movement, taking us from place to place throughout the day.

Ballerina Alessia Lugoboni walks us through an easy daily routine. Follow her video for a more in-depth demonstration.

Start With the Feet and Legs
Sit in a comfortable position with your legs stretched out in front of you. Rub some massage bar over your hands and start with your feet, rubbing them and interlacing your fingers through your toes to stretch them all out. Massage the soles and bottom of the feet, and don’t forget about the top of the foot. The goal is to massage every nerve and muscle on the feet. 

Move onto the ankles and rub them from the bottom all the way to the top. This is a key way to get the blood flowing. Massaging the legs also helps with lymphatic drainage by encouraging the movement of toxins out of the body. 

Apply Pressure to the Quads
Once you reach your quads, use both hands to apply more pressure to release any muscle tension in that area. It may hurt, but keep on applying pressure and pushing down on the muscles. As you continue massaging your legs, try to stretch and pull everything towards you by flexing your feet. Cup your hands and make circular slamming movements on the sides of your quads. 

Take your tennis ball and position it under your calves. Roll your legs over the ball to get rid of any knots and tension. Then place the ball at the top of the glute, between the muscle and the tailbone and roll it around a little—this may hurt a bit! Continue doing this for your outer quads and glutes. Repeat for the other leg. 

Time to Stretch!
Once you’re done massaging your legs, it’s time to stretch. Cross your legs, placing your hands to the side and stretch forward. Get on your elbows and keep on stretching! These movements help target your glutes, legs, and lower back by flexing the muscles in these areas. Repeat for the other side and don’t forget to keep on breathing while doing these exercises. 

Finally, focus on your neck. This part of the body often gets overlooked, which results in a lot of tension. Roll your neck gently from side to side and massage the sides. Stretch the shoulders, arms, and hands. Flex and massage your fingers one by one, and rub the top of your hand. Always remember, start from the part farthest from the center of your body and gradually move inward. 

Massaging the body is a simple yet effective way of showing your appreciation for your body. It’s a wonderful self-care tool that can be carried out anytime you feel tired and tense. You could even do it while watching television. Above all, have fun! Try to be gentle and relaxed while doing these to ensure the best possible outcome. 

Make sure to check out Alessia’s Youtube Channel!

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