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‘Destiny 2’ Is Scrapping A Big Chunk Of Its Crafting System Already

‘Destiny 2’ Is Scrapping A Big Chunk Of Its Crafting System Already

Destiny 2


This past week, Bungie asked for feedback about what’s working and not working in its new crafting system in Destiny 2, and as of yesterday, they’ve announced some major changes that include both addressing the most common issue, and then ultimately scrapping the cause of the problem altogether next season.

Far and away the problem that players brought up the most was caps on crafting materials. Most players found they had perk-based elements, Ruinous, Adroit, Mutable, etc. capped within a few days, but Neutral Element was the thing they were constantly short on. This led to players extracting Deepsight gear to get Neutral Element but losing out on the other materials because of the caps.

Well, as of the next hotfix on Tuesday, those caps are skyrocketing from 250 each to 1000 on the perk elements, and Neutral Element itself is being raised from 8500 to 10000. But that’s not all.

Bungie goes on to explain that when designing Destiny 2’s crafting system, there was originally a different kind of system that involved say, using a weapon with Rampage to be able to craft Rampage on a different weapon. But that created too many currencies to track, and so they reduced them to perk pools, which is how we got the existing four element types (five, with raid weapons). However, they feel that this is still too convoluted and tied to the old system they scrapped, so they are just…removing those elements altogether next season.

Destiny 2


All that will remain for crafting perk upgrades will be Neutral Element and Ascendant Alloy. Those other elements were only used for rarely-bought enhanced perks anyway, and it just felt like extra fluff. I fully agree with the idea to delete them entirely, given how the system has worked out.

These are not the only changes to crafting being considered. Without specifics or dates, Bungie says they are also looking at:

“More player control” over the unlocking of weapon patterns, which presumably may rely on less RNG than the current system, something crafting was meant to get away from in the first place.
They are looking at people feeling the need to store a bunch of Deepsight weapons in their vault for later, along with acquisition and progression rates. The same thing for how much Resonant Alloy they’re getting.
Finally, they’re looking at reshaping costs for those who want to experiment more frequently with perks. This could mean a cost reduction, but hopefully the implementation of the commonly brought-up idea that once you unlock a perk, it should be free to switch back and forth between it. Permanent unlocks, essentially.

Crafting remains a somewhat perplexing addition to Destiny 2 if you ask me. There are more issues past the ones listed here, and I feel like it has a long way to go. But the removal of all that extra currency is a good start at least, and for this season at least, the caps are getting raised so high those elements might already not need to exist at all.

Anyway, I got a bow to level. See you out there.

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