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‘Destiny 2’ Now Has A Wordle Clone, Rolldle, That Is Actually Very Fun

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Wordle continues to be a daily ritual for many people, even those who normally wouldn’t play games daily. Wordle may not be a “video game” in the traditional sense, but it’s fun all the same, and now, it’s merged with my favorite video game, Destiny 2, courtesy of

I am…very impressed with’s Wordle clone, Rolldle. Normally, the site is where you go to hunt down potential rolls and god rolls of weapons in the Destiny 2. With Rolldle, it’s taken its data and turned it into a surprisingly fun game where you try to guess a specific roll based on the popularity of its potential perks.

You are not guessing five letter Destiny words here (Shaxx! Cabal! Saint!), you are using knowledge of popular and not popular perks. Here are the official rules that gives out:


To sum up, you are given a specific gun and have to guess a unique roll for it. In my first game I got Hailing Confusion, the Pulse Rifle from Europa. Remember, you are not guessing the god roll here, you are guessing a specific roll. So even though I figured Outlaw Full Auto may be a popular combo, all that tells me is that the final perk combo features two perks less popular than those two, and eventually I got to Pulse Monitor and Quick Draw (bad roll!).


I actually lost because I could not figure out the ammo/mag perk, and I am confused as to why Extended Mag is apparently the most popular perk in that column for this weapon. I may be missing something here, but otherwise, I think I did pretty good on my first try.

Unlike Wordle, you can play as many times as you want and just keep going with new weapons rather than only logging in once per day. It’s a fun way to test your knowledge of weapon perks, though I will say there may not be a real “strategy” to your first guess, unlike Wordle. You may actually want to try to guess mid-tier perks, as if you guess the god roll, you’re just going to get a bunch of down arrows and have a lot more options to choose from going forward for less popular options.

Anyway, I just thought this was extremely cool. I use all the time as it’s one of my essential Destiny third party sites, and it’s very clever of them to come up with something like this. Great job to that team, and I’m curious to see what weapons you all get. Play here.

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