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Disney Plus Just Added Daredevil, Defenders And Agents Of SHIELD: 20 Seasons, 297 Episodes

Disney Plus Just Added Daredevil, Defenders And Agents Of SHIELD: 20 Seasons, 297 Episodes



If you pull back and look at the full scope of what Disney just acquired from Netflix, you’ll understand why they wanted all of it on Disney Plus, rather than shoveling it off to Hulu. As of today, March 16, Disney Plus has added all the Netflix Defenders series plus ABC’s Agents of SHIELD, which was also previously airing on Netflix before this.

It is an absolutely massive catalogue of content and technically, given that all these shows are in the MCU, even if they were largely ignored by the films when they aired, this is more MCU content than the MCU movies and recent Disney Plus shows combined.

We are talking about content on a truly massive scale here. This is the full list of what just got added:

Daredevil – 3 seasons, 39 episodes
Jessica Jones – 3 season, 39 episodes
Luke Cage – 2 seasons, 26 episodes
Iron Fist – 2 seasons, 23 episodes
The Punisher – 2 seasons, 26 episodes
The Defenders – 1 seasons, 8 episodes
Agents of SHIELD – 7 seasons, 136 episodes

Keep in mind that all of the Defenders episodes (everything but SHIELD) are more or less a full hour long each. Agents of SHIELD episodes are more like 40-45 minutes because they aired on ABC first, but that show lasted an extremely long time, probably longer than its ratings would have indicated.

If you’re looking for advice on where to start, my favorites are:

Daredevil season 1 + 3
Jessica Jones season 1
Luke Cage season 1
The Punisher season 1
Agents of SHIELD seasons 1-5



Iron Fist is probably a skip, even though season 2 did offer some improvements. The Defenders team-up series was also not as good as it should have been, if you ask me. Daredevil season 3, meanwhile, may be the single best season of a superhero show that’s ever aired, and I do not say that lightly.

There was some measure of controversy about Disney adding some of these shows, which have hard R violence and occasionally some sex and cursing, but Disney has also added new controls that restrict its catalogue so parents can avoid their kids accidentally stumbling across these. Still, the additions have led to protests from some loud parent groups, but Disney wasn’t going to change their plans based on that.

The future of theses series is up in the air. Disney has definitely embraced the idea of at least some of these characters beginning to make their way into this current era (all theses series took place pre-Thanos snap). Kingpin has shown up in Hawkeye and Matt Murdock in Spider-Man. There’s no telling who may arrive next, though these shows getting fully new seasons may be another bridge to cross entirely, and I doubt we see that for pretty much all of them except maybe Daredevil and Punisher. But we’ll see. And I know fans want to see SHIELD characters like Quake brought into the proper MCU at last.

So yeah, lotta content to get through. Start with Daredevil. Good luck.

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