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HIMSSCast: How to get more value from your EHR system

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Joncé Smith, senior executive strategic advisory consultant at Stoltenberg Consulting, has more than 35 years of healthcare experience. She has a long track record of working with many healthcare provider models and in many different settings: government, nonprofit, academic, for-profit and accountable care organizations and more.

Her deep expertise includes hospital revenue cycle optimization, IT legacy system support, project management, strategic planning, executive advisory, IT governance, interim management and EHR system implementation.

Indeed, Smith has seen major changes over the decades in the ways EHRs are deployed and put to work in various care settings. She has great insights into how these systems can be optimized for clinical end users – and how they can be best-positioned to deliver clinical, operation and financial ROI for hospitals and health systems.

We spoke with her recently about the current state of the EHR landscape, and sought some tips and best practices for deriving top value from clinical IT.

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Talking points:

What healthcare CIOs should be thinking about when trying to get the most value from their electronic health records

How IT leaders can assess the current state of their EHRs and coordinating applications

Some new version upgrade best practices?

How technology pros at provider organizations can go about enhancing the functionality of their EHRs

Best practices for IT leaders can train staff on optimal EHR utilization

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