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HIMSSCast: The latest cybersecurity challenges pose serious problems for health systems

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If there’s one thing CISOs and CIOs can count on, it’s that there are always more cybersecurity challenges headed their way.

Tiffany Gallagher, partner and health industries leader, and Prakash Venkata, partner and principal, in PricewaterhouseCooper’s Cyber, Risk and Regulatory Practice, say heightened regulatory scrutiny, the growing number of professionals with access to systems and data, lax cloud environments, and major deals activity are growing challenges with which security leaders at hospitals and health systems must grapple.

In this week’s HIMSSCast, Gallagher and Venkata provide listeners with expert guidance on how to tackle these challenges.

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Talking points:

Healthcare faces heightened regulatory scrutiny, with federal and state regulators proposing new cybersecurity requirements, goals and guidelines to bolster industry resilience.

The growing population of internal, contracted and external party access is complex and requires organizations to adopt modern identity technologies to address the issue.

Many provider organizations are allowing development teams to create cloud environments without the appropriate level of control.

Significant deals activity is driving the need for better IT and security integration planning and execution to effectively address cyber risk.

Other challenges include third-party risk management and medical devices.

More about this episode:

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CISA, HHS and HSCC release healthcare cybersecurity toolkit

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