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How to Stop Your Pixel From Unlocking in Your Pocket

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It’s frustrating to take your phone out of your pocket only to realize it’s been on the whole time, draining battery. Pixel owners, in particular, have been complaining about their phones unlocking in their pockets. And while it’s possible that Google will sweep in with a patch in the future, there are a few steps you can take now to fix the issue.

How to keep your Google Pixel from unlocking in your pocketThe first thing to try is to reduce the sensitivity of the display. After all, if the display is too touch sensitive, it might misinterpret something random in your pocket as a tap, potentially unlocking without you knowing. To find the setting, open the Settings app, then head to Display where you’ll find the toggle next to “Increase touch sensitivity.”

If you notice your Pixel still turning on in your pocket or bag, there’s another solution, albeit an annoying one: turn off “Tap to check phone.” By disabling this feature, commonly referred to as “tap to wake,” you’ll be able to rule out an accidental tap in your pocket as the cause for setting off your Pixel. The only way the screen will light up is if you press the power button or lift up your phone to check it.

Tap to wake is a convenient feature though, since you’re able to check your phone without having to pick it up first, so you might not want to get rid of it. Of course, the trade-off is knowing your phone isn’t going to unlock in your pocket. Some users have criticized Google’s approach to tap to wake, reverting from two taps to one. That puts the Pixel in line with how things work on the iPhone, but if the company stuck with a double-tap, it’d be harder to accidentally wake up the display.

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How to disable “tap to wake”To disable tap to wake, go to Settings> Display> Lock Screen> Tap to check phone, then tap the toggle. If you want to get super aggressive to make sure your Pixel stays quiet in your pocket, you can also try turning off “Lift to check phone,” which wakes your Pixel when you pick it up, as well as “Wake screen for notifications.” Turning off the latter will ensure your Pixel won’t turn on when you receive a new notification, which, in turn, will prevent an accidental screen tap activating your phone.

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