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Hyundai Motor Blasts into the NFT Space With Meta Kongz Tie-Up

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Hyundai is joining the NFT party with the support of Meta Kongz.

South Korean auto giant Hyundai  announced its debut into the community-driven NFT market in a strategic partnership with Meta Kongz, one of the hottest NFT and metaverse-focused projects on OpenSea.

The NFT market is set to keep expanding as more companies join with novel projects.

Hyundai Teams Up With Meta KongzHyundai announced the move while simultaneously launching the Hyundai NFT channels on Discord and Twitter.

The official website for the Hyundai NFT is set to hit in May of this year. By sharing NFTs illustrating Hyundai’s mobility solutions, the team hopes to create an immersive community-centric experience that emerges in the Hyundai metaverse.

The Hyundai NFT community, as stated in the official statement, provides members with 24/7 support. Users can get proactive customer support assistance in real-time through the team’s communication channels.

The well-known manufacturer is pushing the metaverse concept further with the presentation of “Metamobility universe” in a short video on the same day.

A clip features its classic mass production vehicle, the Pony and the “Meta Kongz” gorilla character. On the drive from Earth to the Moon, the classic Pony has been transformed into a modern look.

The film portrays how mobility solutions can cross time and space. The film’s conclusion also teases the introduction of an NFT in the shape of a shooting star, which will be available in May.

Hyundai will offer 30 limited edition ‘Hyundai x Meta Kongz’ NFTs on April 20 as part of the collaboration.

Hyundai’s team is seeking long-term growth in the NFT and metaverse spaces, with plans to increase NFT initiatives in order to contribute to its dynamic NFT universe.

The proceeds from the sale of Hyundai NFTs will go to the project’s management and community members.

Thomas Schemera, Hyundai Motor’s Global Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Customer Experience Division, commented,

“The Hyundai NFT universe will extend the Hyundai brand experience, especially with MZ generation, in a completely new way, further reinforcing our commitment to innovation in both the real world and in the metaverse.”

Big Car Manufacturers Showing Interest in NFTsBlockchain-based products are shaping the future of the car sector, leveling up the competitive landscape, and NFTs have bridged the gap between the auto and DeFi spaces.

Automakers are leveraging the NFT area to develop one-of-a-kind NFT collectibles as well as new services. Big plans are in the works from Arizona to Birmingham, from Barrett-Jackson, MG Motor, to Mercedes-Benz and Lamborghini.

Earlier this year, the Italian luxury sports car brand Lamborghini presented an interesting NFT initiative, a series of special artworks created in collaboration with an anonymous artist.

The audience did not have to wait long. Lamborghini’s first NFT will be auctioned off tomorrow, alongside the supercar Lamborghini Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimate Coupé.

The event, which commemorates the end of a successful era for the Aventador sports car and the start of the electric age, also represents the iconic auto brand’s vision for the metaverse.

Lamborghini has issued DMCA suspension warnings to NFTs and NFT collections including the company’s models.

Ferrari, another Italian automaker, is also making inroads into the NFT industry, but in different ways.

The old brand is exploring the prospects in the NFTs and metaverse. While there is no additional information on this exploration, something has undoubtedly been developed.

Big players in the auto industry are looking to the next future of the space when all previous trends are saturated.

Metaverse projects and NFTs provide benefits to both users and developers in addition to the entertainment factor.

Participants are not constrained by borders or distances, and early adopters will benefit greatly from the emerging industry.

According to IntoTheBlock, the worldwide trading volume of NFTs has topped $50 billion, an increase of over 200% since January.

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