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Legendary Elden Ring player Let Me Solo Her immortalized in PC mod

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From Software/Garden of Eyes

One of the staples of the Dark Souls series is the summoning system, wherein you can call real human players into your game to help tackle a tricky boss. Developer From Software held on to this element for the mega-popular open world successor to the series, Elden Ring. One player in particular has been helping others absolutely beat the crap out of one of the game’s most difficult bosses. “Let Me Solo Her” became an overnight legend in the game’s tight-knit community, and now you can summon a digital copy of him anytime with the right PC mod.

A little context first. Let Me Solo Her is the screen name of the altruistic player, who hangs out in the game’s area right before the Malenia boss fight. If you’re lucky enough to summon him, he appears as a male avatar wearing nothing but a loincloth and a huge pot for a helmet, wielding Rivers of Blood and Cold Uchigatana swords. Once you start the boss fight, he’ll whirl into battle and absolutely destroy Malenia with incredible grace and perfect timing. The sight of Let Me Solo Her has become one of the game’s most famous attractions, spawning endless praise on game forums and tributes in the form of fanart and YouTube videos.

You can only see Let Me Solo Her on the PC version of the game, and of course, only when the player is actually playing and ready to help — he’s a human being, after all. But now one modder has created a digital version of the legendary player, which you can install as a non-player character spirit summon. Elden Ring modder Garden of Eyes is the maker of the mod, which they’ve released as part of their $5 Patreon tier. All things considered, it seems like it’s worth it.

Polygon reports that the NPC version of Let Me Solo Her has his trademark red and white katanas, pot on head, and complete lack of clothing. As a spirit summon, this digital version of Let Me Solo Her can be hailed for help with any boss in the game. It absolutely wrecks shop in some of the hardest areas of an incredibly difficult world. The only downside is that running a modded version of the game will disable its standard multiplayer features. That means the real player and the TRON-style copy will never meet. But the mod version of Let Me Solo Her should be available long after the real human player moves on.

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Author: Michael Crider, Staff Writer

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